Anonymous: What would you say to someone who just wants to end everything for good?

I’m not the person you should be asking 

Anonymous: Your tattoos are awesome and you're ridiculously handsome.

Glad you think so

Anonymous: I don't really even know you and yet I am inexplicably attracted to you.

well if you knew me you wouldn’t be attracted me lol

I just donated $35 to the audrey hepburn children’s fund and I feel good

I’m not that cool. I feel like I want to fucking kill myself. It’s miserable. -Lana Del Rey  (via deather-child)

(via 0range-julius)

The Scald.


I need a bucket of water,

To cool the smoking wood inside my head.

Tell myself I’m feeling better,

But the brain’s been acting up again.

A kick of dirt to smother the embers,

Tame the heat and snuff the flame.

Feel as though I am pretending,

The smoke and ash don’t bother me.

I wish there weren’t seasons for fire,

I’ll do what I can to control my concern.

See the brush is dry and the risk is higher,

But if you don’t know the scald you will never learn the burn.

Ice Cave
by The Maine
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